Welcome To YMCA of Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe YMCA was established in 1968 and was officially recognized and registered as a Private and Voluntary Organization in 1969 (PVOW032/69).
Zimbabwe National Council of Young Men`s Christian Association (ZYMCA) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization based in Zimbabwe and founded in 1968. The organization is registered in terms of the Private and Voluntary Organizations (PVO) Act chapter 17:05 registration number W032/69. The organization aims to unite young people of Christian faiths, transcending all divisions and barriers of class, creed, colour, role, gender, age, nationality and religious denominations or political persuasion.


To be a Christian, membership-driven, people-focused, gender sensitive and reactive, self-sustaining and development –oriented organisation which is youth-centred, empowering young people for the African renaissance.


The Zimbabwe Young Men’s Christian Association contributes towards the spiritual, physical, intellectual, cultural, economic and socio-political wellbeing of young people and marginalised groups in the community through empowerment programmes and promotion of sustainable development.


The Zimbabwe YMCA shall be guided by the following Christian values:

  • Love, hope and faith
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Equality
  • Justice
  • Tolerance and
  • Effectiveness
  • Accountability and
  • Transparency

Meet Our Branches

Harare Branch

The Harare Branch focuses on YMCA S2C Training of Trainers , YMCA peer education sessions and more many

Chegutu Branch

Leadership Capacity Training, Peer Education, Youth Entrepreneurship Project

Tanda Branch

As the branch we are doing a nutrition gardening, the main activity done is growing vegetables for local market and domestic use.

Get to know ZYMCA Activities